Sherlock holmes.

The Lost Artifact

Mysterious adventure that leads you to the Victorian era.

You have travelled back in time to the 1880’s where a religious Artifact has been stolen and the stability of the Monarchy is threatened.

This case leads Sherlock Holmes up against an evil Lord and his secret brotherhood who intend to overthrow the Monarchy with the help of the Artifact.

Sherlock Holmes has asked for your help in the search for this Artifact. You begin a mysterious trip which leads you to the Lord’s mansion where he is plotting to carry out their evil plans.

The future of the British Empire is in your hands and you have one hour to solve all the puzzles and save the Monarchy.

Looking for something unique that will entertain both you and your mates? Puzzlenarium ER are excellent way to spend some amazing time with your family and friends, as you work together to escape from our rooms. Going to the movies is so last year! Here, you can write your own script!

The idea for Puzzelnarium ER was inspired by the dark streets and dungeons of Victorian London and was to recreate some of the most famous characters of 19th century.