About us.

What does Puzzlenarium mean?

Who we are and what is our purpose.

Looking for something unique that will entertain both you and your mates? Puzzlenarium ER are excellent way to spend some amazing time with your family and friends, as you work together to escape from our rooms. Going to the movies is so last year! Here, you can write your own script!

The idea for the Puzzelnarium ER was inspired by the dark streets and dungeons of Victorian London and was to recreate some of the most famous characters of 19th century.

There is hardly anyone that has not heard of the world's most famous fictional detective Sherlock Holmes.

Step into Sherlock’s shoes to solve the mystery of the lost Artifact OR stand up against England's most dangerous and mysterious killer.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

What is the Escape Room?

An Escape room is live-action adventure where you’ll race to solve clues and puzzles to make your escape before your time runs out.

How many people can participate?

Our escape room is designed for groups of 2 to 6 people.

Who is suitable for?

The game is suitable for people of all ages, as persons under the age of 16 can only take part if accompanied by an adult (18+).

Is it safe?

The game is completely safe. Upon a participant request they can leave at any time and the other players can carry on with the fun.

How long does a game take?

The experience itself is 1 hour long but please allow 1 hour 30 minutes for the time you arrive to when you leave.

Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your game start time.

Are there any more specific knowledge and skills for the game?

Clues are tricky but no special knowledge or physical skills are required.

How to book a slot?

What happens if we do not solve a mystery?

During the game, our team will be monitored your progress providing you with clues when you needed.

What if I'm late for the game?

If you are late, you will get a shuffle in the schedule and playing time of all teams after you. In this case, we will need to reduce your playing time and we will not guarantee that you will be able to enjoy yourself fully.

What else?

Please tell us if a team member suffers from claustrophobia, asthma or other illness that may occur in a confined space.

We don’t allow taking pictures or video in the room. We are happy to take pictures outside the escape room once your game have finished.

Cell phones and other electronic device must remain off and can not be used during the game. Note: If you break something in our game by using excessive force or reckless behavior, you must pay. Please note: If members of your group appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you will not be allowed in the room. This decision will be made of the discretion of our staff and no refunds or exchanges will be permitted. WE take this very seriously as it could case damage to the room, to yourself or others, and adversely affect others’enjoyment of the experience.

Drinking and smoking are prohibited in the aria.

Smoking and the use of alcohol are prohibited on the site.

How can I change my book info and slot?

How to order a voucher?